About Us

ChilliBobs was established in 2013 by Bob Price (Aka Chillibob) and his son Neal. The business began when their passion for Chillies inspired them both to start a father and son chilli farming team.

Over a couple of years their farm grew an developed, expanding into growing and selling various varieties of chillies, up to 10,000 chilli plants from seed every year. ChilliBobs quickly became the number one place in Nottinghamshire to PYO chillies; with over 50+ varieties and a range of great sauces made in house.

The Community’s love and interest of their work inspired Bob and Neal to host tours around the tunnels and their range of hydroponic and chilli growing systems. These tour and demonstrations would soon evolve into the legendary ChilliBobs East Midlands Chilli Festival (Returning this year on the 8th-10th July 2022).

In 2019 tragedy struck the Chilli community and after a short battle with cancer Bob passed away.

The Family business had some hard decisions and realities to face. Neal with the support of the community and his family, saw out the farm’s final chilli season before leaving the farm later that year.

Working hard and pulling inspiration from such a wonderful origin; Neal was able to develop ChilliBobs once again into sustainable business with a bright future. Providing an excellent range of high quality and home made sauces, chutneys, pickles and snacks, Chillibobs now produces a range of new sauces supplying families and restaurants with their products to suit all taste ranging from mild to wild.

ChilliBobs invites you to have a look around our range of artisan products find something new to enjoy with your next meal.

The Legacy continues…